3D modeling

Building 3D models of objects, faces and humans from a single and multiple cameras is a challenging problem. Over the years, we have developed methods based on shape from shading, stereo and structure from motion. One of the applications we have worked on is referred to as markerless motion capture where several calibrated and synchronized cameras are used for building accurate 3D models of humans.  More recently, we have used a generative adversarial model for building 3D mesh models of humans. These models can be used for AR/VR applications, diagnosis of movement-related disorders and face recognition under illumination and pose variations.

A.Ghosh and R. Chellappa, “Single-Shot 3D Mesh Estimation via Adversarial Domain Adaptation – Learning Directly from Synthetic Data”,SN Computer Science 1(1): 25:1-25:21, 2020.