Three papers accepted for CVPR 2022

EyePAD++: A Distillation-based approach for joint Eye Authentication and Presentation Attack Detection using Periocular Images: Prithviraj Dhar, Amit Kumar, Kirsten Kaplan, Khushi Gupta, Rakesh Ranjan, Rama Chellappa

HyperSegNAS: Bridging One-Shot Neural Architecture Search with 3D Medical Image Segmentation using HyperNet : Cheng Peng, Andriy Myronenko, Ali Hatamizadeh, Vish Nath, Md Mahfuzur Rahman Siddiquee, Yufan He, Daguang Xu, Rama Chellappa, Dong Yang

Segment and Complete: Defending Object Detectors against Adversarial Patch Attacks with Robust Patch Detection: Jiang Liu, Alexander Levine, Chun Pong Lau, Rama Chellappa, Soheil Feizi