Our group has three papers accepted at CVPR 2024:

  1. Shraman Pramanick, Guangxing Han, Rui Hou, Sayan Nag, Ser-Nam Lim, Nicolas Ballas, Qifan Wang, Rama Chellappa, Amjad Almahairi. “Jack of All Tasks, Master of Many: Designing General-purpose
    Coarse-to-Fine Vision-Language Model”.
  2. Arun Reddy, William Paul, Corban Rivera, Ketul Shah, Celso M. de Melo, Rama Chellappa. “Unsupervised Video Domain Adaptation with Masked Pre-Training and Collaborative Self-Training”.
  3. Kristen Grauman et al. “Ego-Exo4D: Understanding Skilled Human Activity from First- and Third-Person Perspectives”.